Dear 13 year old me,

so you've just become a teenager, and i'm writing to you many years years in the future! Wow, isn't it scary to think about being older. Well, I've got a couple things to tell you which you are gonna wish you knew in a few years.

literally the most important thing which I am going to say to you is, be completely and utterly your own person. Don't try and fit it, and change your personality as you are perfect and you shouldn't change that for the word. Be proud to be a teenager, a young fool who sees the best in people and loves wholeheartedly. Forget what everyone else says, and be yourself and dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

Oh if i could go back to being thirteen, I wouldn't just wear what everyone else wears, I would be bold! Make a statement with what you wear! It's what defines you, and makes you who you are! Wear that bright red top with those yellow shorts, wear double denium and let no one tell you otherwise.

This is possibly the most important one to listen to. Don't wish to be older, enjoy not worrying, having no exams or bills or cars to pay for. Enjoy the freedom of a WHOLE weekend off! Laugh, have fun and enjoy your childhood, because once its gone, you'll be spending your whole life wishing for it back.

But most of all, be happy. Enjoy yourself and be kind, and most importantly don't take your friends or family for granted. They are what keeps you grounded, make sure you tell them how much you care about them once in a while.

Have fun Kiddo

Lots of Love
Future me