Hey guys! Today I decided to start something that isn't on WeHearIt, so hope you'll like it! 😅

As you guys know, I like watching TV Shows and since it's one of my hobbies, why shouldn't I use it for my other hobbies?

Today I'll be talking about Riverdale since I finished watching 2x12 episode and I'm waiting for the last episode of season 2!

Riverdale is a show that is easy to understand, there's alot of mistery going on in the show and it reminds me of Pretty Little Liars, because mystery, deaths, killers, clues and other similar stuff. Riverdale is actually a town in the TV show I think most of you knew that, but whatever 😅.

Riverdale has some uncommon details to it and ofcourse some common details, because that's how things work today, am I right?
So, for the so called uncommon ones, the hottest guy of the school is ginger! That's weird, uncommon and very interesting, but I mean KJ Apa is hot, also the town has only one diner, weird, right?

While watching Riverdale you can mix your pancake batter or make yourself sandwiches and not miss much things, but you still have to pay attention!

I rate Riverdale as a TV Show 10/10, even though it has some minuses and pluses.

-skaistulyt, xoxo