Hey guys!
So as you may know I am one month into my fitness journey. January has been a little weird and rocky. I am just starting this journey so I did have my days when I ate too much junk food or didn't exercise. But I didn't let that push me behind because the very next day I did exercise (or that day if it was my workout day). I changed my schedule on when I'm going to do my workout; on every day that I workout I do it in the afternoon around 7-8 pm and end at 8-9 pm. Since I weight lift as a workout (and little bit of cardio) I don't wprkout every single day. This is because I don't want to overtrain myself and not gain any muscle. If you didn't know my goal, it was to gain muscle mass and loose fat. I also drank a lot of water. I did not do any type of diet. I just ate on smaller portions on what I usually eat.

February update:

Fitness journey updates: