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Here are some of the list that really makes me happy and cheer up my sad and boring days.

1. Writing

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I love to write my inner thoughts, feelings and my fluffy fictional stories. It's amazing how words can build a world full wonders. Although I'm not actually good at writing, I like how it doesn't have a rule, you just type whatever you like as long as it doesn't effect others. My favorite way to write is typing in the computer, I also like writing in a paper, but the sound of the keyboard makes me somewhat happy and I really enjoy to write that way ever since I was really young.

2. WeHearIt

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It's special place to escape reality. Sometimes it's kinda addicting at some point because It gives me the feeling of being surrounded by magical, aesthetically pleasing world, that in the back of my mind I wish I could actual feel that world full of hope and dreams

3. Illustrating

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Every since I was little, illustrating was my all time favorite hobby. Drawing pictures and creating my own universe is one the things I do. And that also leads me to my job right now, I'm not complaining though, I separated my art style from my work and my hobby, so that I can be happy when creating art.

4. Sleeping

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They say sleeping is for lazy people, but guess what I love sleeping and I'm ok being lazy at times. Sleeping makes me happy, makes me forget the unfortunate happens from yesterday

5. Buying Stationary Goods

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This is the most happiest things for me. I buy stationary goods whenever I visit the mall. It gives me creativity that I need for my art and my personal journals

6. My Daily Dose of Happiness: My Kpop Crushes/Bias

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They make most of my days full of rays of sunshine. Although there are times they make me sad when they are tired and all from their idol life. But I appreciate what they do, and they gives us small amount of happiness by giving all their very best in their performance and entertaining us sad potatoes. I like watching them shine, and gives me the energy to live on my dreams. Crushing them is just fine as long as it's only just a crush nothing more than that. Just a thought of it, some of my bias makes me giddy and dokidoki in a good way haha.

7. Taking Pictures and Videos

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I love taking pictures and videos, because pictures or video makes the time pause for a moment. It gives you the nostalgic feeling. This is one of the things that makes me happy PERIOD

8. My Own Shadow

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i know this is weird but I like playing with my own shadow. I like how my shadow looks more prettier than the actual me ㅋㅋㅋ.

9. Watching Asian Dramas and Anime

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Another thing that escapes my boring reality. Watching anime and kdramas or jdramas, makes me romantically happy. I have no other thoughts about this topic but those are the things that makes me jolly

10. Staying Home and being a weird introvert

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Although I love going out, I don't socialize with people that much and it makes me socially awkward in so many levels, so staying at home makes me energize and gives me comfort and joy that I need. Being weird introvert, hmm... I can't explain it by words though.

11. Eating Sweets and Snacks

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OHHH who can't resist the taste of those sweets and snacks. Those carbs and calories are devils but when someone gives me such as these, I don't effing care anymore just GIVE IT TO ME ㅋㅋㅋ

12. Cute Things

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Major Happiness for me is collecting cute stuff. All my hard work money goes to those kind of things. They are my investment for my happiness and wellness. I'm recently obsess with sanrio character dolls and anything that looks kawaii in my eyes.

13. Music

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My favorite type of music is Kpop, Dreampop, Electropop, and anything related to sweet tune kind of genre. Music is love and happiness for me, without music as my company, everything will become darkness and full of rainshower in my world.


That's it for today. Happiness is a choice, so choose what makes you happy, that's what I do even if I'm procrastinating at times haha. I hope you enjoy.

Honorable Mentions

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JBJ Cuteness and Dorkiness


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Kim Taehyung. Just being himself and his existence makes me happy 💕 💕💕