So how do i start...

I think that it was not only me who wanted to have as many friends as possible as a little child, right? But the older you get, the more you've noticed that not all those who say they like to tell you the truth, too. Anyway, that's how I feel...

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A year ago I had a lot of friends. I was in a class with them and we did a lot of things together. When the school came to an end in the summer, we were all very sad that we would go our separate ways from now on. Nevertheless, we swear not to lose contact.

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A few weeks went by and slowly we met less and less. At some point it started to happen that we almost didn't recognize each other any more and we had changed so much. We weren't the same. There have been so many misunderstandings and disputes that we are just saying hello to each other now. I mean, of course it's sad but it didn't fit anymore what should you do?

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One of my Friends (now my best Freind) told me that mine, as I called them "best friends" had been blaspheming about me. I was devastated, because even though we didn't do that much, I still liked them very much. I began to blaspheme about them, too.

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Today I know that it was a mistake, but I'm glad that I don't have anything to do with them anymore, because I realized how much they had changed me. I know it was my fault and it was mutual, but I was so angry. But I trusted them.

Here are some tips on how to avoid what happened to me:

Talk! If you don't talk to each other, there are arguments and misunderstandings.
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I know trust is important but don't trust blind
I know its hard but when someone is just hurting you let her/him go
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don't go back to the people who hurt you--you know how it's gonna end. It's like you read the end of a book first.

I hope you all have a good Day and don't let yourself get dragged down!