So I'm so hard working to have a good looking room. So here are some tips

Choose a color

It's nice to have a color(s) that mach and that you like. It doesn't matter how it looks like, the only thing it's that `you`need to like it.

black bed bedroom Superthumb
I recommend to have a few colors in our room and not only one.


I love plants in a room. It makes it so nice. I really recommend it.

book cactus book decor

Clean room

I know a lot of people hate it to clean up there room. But trust me if you clean up your room it feels so nice and clean. I just love that feeling.

home bed aesthetic design


A few weeks ago I looked at my room and thought it's nice. But now I really want it to be more cozy but still 'stylish' because I like it that way. I really want to buy some lamps. I also bought a few weeks ago some candles (the ones who give a really nice smell) and I like it for in the winter. Because where I live it's really soon dark and I hate it.

beautiful bed autumn candle

This are my advises I hope you like it

x Amelia