Hey! as you may know by the title, I will share with all of you my skin care tips and routine for an acne free and with natural glow face.

First of all, I won't tell which products you should use, because maybe those skin care products are not avaible at your country or maybe they are too expensive for you budget. I will tell you which ingredients you have to look for on any skin care product, and that way you can 'adjust' this routine to your lifestyle and budget.

Second of all, this is a picture of me, and I link it so you can see my results :) I have very oily skin, I've suffered from cystic acne and because of it, I used to have a lot of red spots. I was on Roaccutan (an Isotretinoin capsule) for over a year and luckly my skin is not sensitive.

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Enough for background story, now let's begin with the article.

1. I don't use ANY COSMETIC PRODUCT: by this I mean, I don't use make up at all and I don't use cosmetics brand to clean or moisturize my face (for example, Neutrogena or L'Oreal). I use only dermatology products.

2. Look up for products with Vitamin A in all its form (For example, pure Vitamin A, Retinol, Isotretinoin...): Read the ingredients, the last the position of the ingredient on the list, the less amount of that ingredient the cream contains.

3. USE SUNSCREEN PROTECTION: It is NOT enough with the UV protection that your foundation provides to your skin.

4. Drink water: it doesn't have a direct benefit on the skin but it helps your whole body, and if your body is healthy your skin will be healthy too.

5. Before washing your face, wash your hands: even if you just wake up, you need to clean your hands before they touch your face.

6. Use a specific towel for your face: don't use the same towel for your body and your face.

7. If you have oily skin like I do, don't be afraid to use products that contain sulfates. The amount of sulfate that some products contain, won't damage your skin.Otherwise they would be illegal.

8. If you only use moisturize creams at night, the next morning you don't need to wash your face with some soap or cleanser, with just water is enough.

9. Less is more: you don't need a shit ton amount of products on your skin care routine. You don't need a toner, you don't need to exfoliate every single day, you don't need oils or eye cream. Fun fact: your eye cream contains the same ingredients that your face cream. Basically, it's a travel size face cream that costs three times more than a normal size one.

10: DON'T RUB YOUR FACE! use gentle massages to warm up the product. Always massage your skin to the up side of it.