"are you willing to delete your social media account for the sake of your relationship"

"geez, did you know his password of his phone"

"respect the privacy of others"

those are echoed in my mind once the question thrown in the instagram this afternoon, thrown question of my friend and advised from my mom, my boyfriend, basically what society would have suggested, not to mention a dash of irony when you open your social media and you read #disconnecttoconnect, phone had become our loyal companion, you can't fake, you can be someone else in your phone BUT when it come to IRL and Into Relationship you open up to someone, no filter of your anger, no single emoji can express how they made you feel, no status updates can describe their smile, when they disappoint you any words being put on social media will be used against you, not to mention STALK, no more privacy, no more mystery, no more guessing what they are




you are checking his account because you are insecure, how come you sleep every nights thinking and being suspicious, your boyfriend is not responsible on giving you happiness, we stayed together because we were happy, and we are making each other happy now, if he commented on other females asked, am i filled with inferiority complex? am i insecure? it can be his female friend OR his lover, yet he decided to be with you, what shall you do? IGNORE

"a queen slay"
"woman make her empire by building with other women"

if his female friend, rather than jealous be inspired, be more than her, shown your git, rather than you thrown tantrum on him, impress him

if he is cheating why bother, asked him nicely, i don't encourage you to break the relationship but talk like mature, what you can gain, what you can lose, mine had this before, we talked about it, he admitted but on his behalf he said it was not cheating, merely just texting yet to respect me he cut all, then we continued ours, then i admitted i had fling from social media, made it easy, just one slip on DM can lead to many, then where is the meaning of exclusivity, he found out, we spiraled then sprung back, because that is what love can do, love perseveres all the time

then we decide to, break up from our social media, we keep status "in relationship" but we just shown our meal, our selfies when we meet

we are happier
it feels more real

because love forgive, love perseveres, love never failed, mostly love make you grow, growing from easily tempted to be loyal, growing to manage your emotion, growing from difficult past