I've always wanted to visit Disneyland, and the food over there looks absolutely amazing - especially the disney-themed food, such as Mickey Mouse candy apples and Tigger tails.
Here's a list of top 12 delicious treats that are Disney-character-themed! (in no particular order :-))

1. Mickey Bar

beautiful, delicious, and disney image disneyland, mickey mouse, and tumblr image

2. Mickey Cake Pop

chocolate, m&ms, and food image minnie, yum, and bow image

3. Mickey Mouse Beignets

cafe, mickey mouse, and orleans image butterscotch, dessert, and disneyland image

4. Darth By Chocolate

chocolate, darth vader, and dessert image Image by Private User

5. Mickey Waffles

breakfast, disney, and disneyland image Temporarily removed

6. Mickey Pretzel

mickey pretzel image food and carefree image

7. Mickey Pancakes

food, breakfast, and disney image food, disney, and mickey mouse image

8. Mickey & Minnie Candy Apples

california, treats, and caramel apple image candy, disney, and los angeles image

9. Tigger Tails

dessert, disneyland, and sweet image dessert, disneyland, and food image

10. Lilo & Stitch Mochi

food, mochi, and photography image dessert, disneyland, and japanese image

11. Chesire Tail

disneyland image alice in wonderland, chesire cat, and dessert image

12. Cinderella Crispy Carriage

blue, cinderella, and disneyland image blue, carriage, and cinderella image

Thank you for reading! :-)
Lots of love,
- Ellie-mae xx

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