I'm celebrating my 20th birthday in a few months. I have grown and developed a lot the past year and I feel like I'm just now really finding myself. I have gotten tattoos, I'm trying to grow my social medias etc. I truly feel that I know what I want my life to look like and I'm trying to achieve that. But now for what the title says this article is about: how I'm finding my style, while I'm also finding myself.
(the best tips are in the end)

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First of all you gotta know yourself. What do you feel most comfortable in? What clothes are your everyday go-to? When you know these stable pieces it's easier to start developing. But of course you shouldn't stuck with same things everyday. Sometimes it's good to go out of your comfort zone.

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Secondly: what patterns and colors are you comfortable with? For example I don't like dots or bright colors on me. So mostly I wear black-grey-white and only patterns that I like are stripes and grids.

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Then the most important tips:

  • Clean your closet regularly. It's easier to put outfits together when you really know what's in your closet and you like every item there.
  • Only buy clothes that you really love and you can combine with in at least two-three outfits.
  • Buy stable pieces. Things that never go out of style.
  • Use WHI to make collections about outfits that you like. Then you can watch those and see what's in common there and buy those pieces for yourself.
  • Combine your hair and makeup to go with your style.
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I'm doing an article about my stable pieces later, so check that out too!