Greetings from my side. I hope you are enjoying your day and life. They say in order to feel good you need to dress well. So that's why I came up with this article in a hope that you will try my ideas. Do heart it if you appreciate my effort and also this is 2nd article in #5 ideas series. Well coming to the main topic I'm a fashion enthusiast and like to dress well but I'm pretty sure I'm speaking on behalf of other girls too. We all want to look presentable yet effortless when it comes to our dressing sense so I'm stating 5 outfit ideas that will surely enhance your style game. So next time you go shopping you know what to buy .

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A) Dress over Sweater- Winter edition / Dress over shirt - for summers

Now this is so in vogue and it has all the reasons to be because it is simple, effortless,chic and casual. Moreover you can wear it at various places be it school,college, for a date or girls hangout. And it is one of the staple outfit which can be modified according to weather. What else to expect ? It is truly a great addition to your wardrobe.

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Now I really like this. Minimalistic, Chic and easy on your pocket too.
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Grab a slip dress and wear it over your favorite crop top. You can pair it with gladiators too. And boom ready to slay !!

B) Denim on Denim

Only one word- Fashion forward !! Can you believe it ?Once considered a huge fashion faux pas now it is ruling the runways and streets.This is my favorite go to look whenever I'm in hurry. There is so much variety when it comes to styling this trend. The trick to ace this look is- Right balance( the look should not overpower you).It should not look weird. You can tone down the look by pairing it with classics like white tee shirt.

selena gomez, outfit, and selenagomez image
This Selena Gomez look is by far the best denim on denim outfit. See how she is carrying the outfit so gracefully and not the outfit is carrying her.
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As I was talking about classics this is how you do it. Pair your denim jacket with white tee.
celeb, trendy, and denim on denim image
This Jlo outfit is bit risque but the trick is to try out bit darker shade for bottoms and that pop of red lipstick. Such a wise option.

C) Suspenders/ Overalls

Just a perfect way to look effortless. The trick here is to find the perfect fit. You can buy something which is in trend but nothing replaces a well-fitted overalls. Suspenders are similar but I feel they are tad bit more comfortable.

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This is a great outfit for fall and the color looks so fun.
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For more classic look also suspenders are generally high waisted so they can make you look tall too.
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D) Trouser Look

Nothing can beat a classic pair of trousers with a perfect blouse. It is really formal yet has a somewhat casual feel about it. There are zillion ways to style them with off-shoulder top, a well-fitted button down shirt and to make it bit sexy you know for a night out pair it with bralette top.

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A really basic and classic choice . Don't forget that little clutch bag.
kendall jenner, fashion, and style image
Take some cue from Kendall Jenner. She is really killing it.
fashion, fashion blogger, and model image
This is for some night- out inspiration. You can wear your trouser pant over a fancy bodysuit just like this.

E) Mom Jeans

Now I usually don't go by trends but I have to say from runways to models to fashion blogger. I have seen them just everywhere and when you try it you'll now what the chaos is about.

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For your lazy days, pair it with white tee and sneakers/vans.
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For a more organised look, try it out with long cardigan and loafers.
fashion, outfit, and honey image
I'm really digging this look. I've seen all the bloggers slaying it and now it is your turn.

So that's all for today. Hope you liked it. Stay tune for more. Thank you for hearting and reading. Do check my other collections and articles.