Hey people! You may think of me as an incredibly put together person just by reading the articles that I publish here on We Heart It but the truth is I wasn't always like this. I'm not really put together but these days, I actually try, compared to recent years. This article is about how I work on my positive mindset, believe me, it's hard. Here's the lesson, we have to work for results. You ready?

|| Do what you have to do ||

Chores, homework, projects, whatever it may be that you like procrastinating away from, do it. One of the most unsatisfying feelings is when you keep putting things off and telling yourself that you'll "Do it later." Put some work into it, you'll feel great.

|| Remember that everything happens for a reason ||

Don't be discouraged when you see an obstacle blocking your path, you can always walk off the path and walk around it. If there's a wall, there's a reason why it's there, you just don't know it or don't know it yet.

Look back at all the bad experiences that you've had in the past, try to remember what happened after it. Visualize yourself, you wouldn't be the you that you are today if it wasn't for all that happened in your past.

If you're still in these bad times, I know it may not seem like it but it will get better. Sometimes you don't notice the clouds clearing up, they are.

|| "Always try to be nice. Never fail to be kind." ||
- The Doctor

What a beautiful string of words! Clean up your mind! You can't look at life positively if you think such horrible things.

Stop telling unnecessary lies, even white lies. Even if you meant it in a good way, it is still not the right thing to do. It will be difficult to stop doing this as most of us say lies everyday but I believe what counts is that you are sorry and you know that it is wrong.

You will never be able to completely stop thinking judgmental things so when you do, accept the fact that you are wrong and say sorry. Even if you never said it out loud, say sorry in your head. This will give you some form of peace of mind

Remember what the Doctor said.

|| Celebrate the small accomplishments ||

Be more appreciative, if you did something good and even slightly productive, be happy about it. Smile! Don't bring yourself down about "not doing enough." You did something, clap your hands and be all excited about it.

|| Tell yourself that you're alright ||

Always, and I mean always, tell yourself that you're alright. Even if you know that you're completely fine, it's never a bad thing to remind yourself this. This phrase always makes me feel choked up as I only tell myself that I'm alright when I'm on the verge of tears.

Give the phrase "You're alright" happy memories.


Thank you so much for reading! I hope this helped you even in the slightest way. Have a fun time!

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