Hi everyone! I have seen a few of these challenges where you have to describe yourself in pictures, so i thought it would be fun to do.I hope you enjoy.


fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, girl, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image


blue, car, and beach image blue, aesthetic, and pastel image autmn, autumn, and yellow image yellow image


piano, vintage, and guitar image book, library, and home image girl, music, and violin image Inspiring Image on We Heart It


adorable, fur, and puppy image Image removed elephant, animal, and nature image animal, dog, and cute image


food image fastfood, food, and Hot image bacon, italian, and pasta image food and greek image


rose, red, and flowers image tea, cup, and vintage image wine, drink, and red image beer, drink, and eighteen image


quotes, baby, and movie image 80s, movie, and The Breakfast Club image stupid, quotes, and boy image girl, clothes, and funny image Image by Марија Петровић alternative, grunge, and indie image 90s, chandler, and cool image boy, girl, and ugh image


Image removed blonde, harry potter, and random image fashion, clothes, and shoes image school, study, and studying image


quotes, anne frank, and people image quotes, anne frank, and gratitude image quotes, anne frank, and beauty image anne frank, book, and notes image


couple, emma stone, and ryan gosling image cinematography, emma stone, and ryan gosling image la la land, emma stone, and quote image la la land, movie, and emma stone image


grunge, quotes, and lana del rey image arctic monkeys, grunge, and alex turner image music, quotes, and song image music, song, and can't feel my face image