A Piece of me died.

I always try to love myself and never listen what people say about me. I always tell that i am okay, just need one more time to do this again and never being bad with my friends or with other people because i always tell myself that's okay and everything is gonna be okay. i always tell myself to never give up. i always tell myself to being kind with other people. i always tell myself that's okay to survive and its okay if people around me can't understand my feeling because i can do this,alone. but now i can't do that again.

It's so hard. very hurt. i can't do this again. i want to give up. i want to people know why am i so strong to survive this problem? i don't need every people to understand me because i just need one person to hug me and say if i did a good job.

I always survive this problem alone and never igrone how much myself is destroyed. because i know, nobody can't help me or support me because of that i try to love myself as i can but.....its so hard.