Hello everyone! I know that it can be difficult to decide what to do with your future, so today, I am presenting you with five interesting and inspiring career ideas. Which one appeals the most to you?

1. Journalist

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Journalists spend time travelling, following news stories across the globe. They also receive opportunities to interview important people and companies. If you like fast-paced, writing related tasks and are social, you may love journalism!

2. Food Critic

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Food critics taste food from the finest restaurants and cafés. This is the perfect profession for someone who has culinary interests and loves food!

3. Social Media Professional

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With the internet taking over the world, a range of jobs are opening up for social media lovers! If you want to spend your days immersed in the internet world, consider this job.

4. Architect / Interior Designer

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For those who have got an eye for aesthetics and houses, architects and interior designers are lovely job options! You'll be designing houses and thinking up beautiful room layouts and decorations.

5. Conversationist

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A conversationist is the perfect job career anyone who is passionate about the planet and its environmental health. Your job will include caring for the earth and keeping people happy!


Thank you so much for reading this article. I hope that it gave you some career inspiration! You are so capable and smart, and your future is blindingly bright.
- Elsa