2nd February 2018

Hey guys! Today's article is going to be on how to wake up early and well basically how to be a morning person. When I was little I would make sure I would have all the sleep I can get and then I would wake up for school 15 minutes before as my school was literally around the corner.

But after I had gone to secondary school, it was now an hour away from home, so I had to wake up a lot earlier but luckily my parents would drop me off to school which was literally in half an hour. But then I decided to wake up a little earlier to watch TV and slowly I had trained myself into waking up 2 hours before leaving my house and till this day I would wake up earlier then usual and do my homework, revision, exercise and watch TV but for some reason I'm awake around 4 am these days.

But here are some tips to waking up early and getting things done.


You can’t expect to sleep at midnight to wake up at 5am, when you would surely be tired, and won’t even hear your alarm. So, you need to at least get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep or you won’t be able to get up earlier and be productive. So, make sure you set your alarm half an hour before you sleep so you are reminded of when to be a sleep by.

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This allows the light to enter your room making it impossible to fall back asleep and will help you wake up naturally.

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Snooze is honestly the worst as if you hit the snooze button you keep doing it until you realise you’re late. I’ve never hit the snooze button, I just seem to wake up when my alarm goes on.

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One way to get up as soon as your alarm goes on is to put your phone across the room so you’d have to get up and turn it off

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Listening to the music instantly wakes me up and I start to feel more energised and I just love music and could listen to music 24/7.

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This would make me get up so quickly I wouldn’t even care if its 3am and I would feel so hyper and end up anxiously doing things so quickly and wait for the time to pass by rapidly.

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That’s it for my article I hope you enjoyed and these tips helped. If you have any questions or want to talk just message me, I’ll reply.

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