Finally January is over, and I can make my list of best comebacks of the month! YAY!

  • The list is not spread from best to worst.
  • The score will be one to five.
  • All comments will be just my opinion, I hope not offending anyone.
  • I'll just talk about the title song and not the whole album.

Let's start?



The year began and presented us with this wonderful MOMOLAND comeback. I had never heard of this group, but I was in love with their music and their charisma.

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A very addictive song that makes you want to get up and do the choreography.


Probably the best comeback of the month, in my humble opinion!


Sunmi comes back with another bop, and proves that he has matured as a soloist. Leaving JYP was probably the best thing for Sunmi's career. She was able to show talent and not just her sensuality. I have to admit that I was scared to death that she had nothing to show after Gashina, but she surprised a lot.

aesthetic, asian, and asian girl image
She has an exaggeration and detachment in the way she moves and interacts with the camera, and the dance points are great, clearly a reflection of Gashina's iconic dance.

I loved how the lyrics make a critique of how relationships work in Korea, how basically he is treated as a hero, and she is only a subaltern in her own relationship.



How I wanted SM to remember that f(x) exists, and stop giving comeback just because Amber asked to death.. They don't realize the talented and incredible groups they have, and just leave them in the basement. Lower does not have the best MV (If we can call STATION of MV) and not the best music of the month, but as a fan of f(x), unfortunately, I prefer to accept anything just to be able to listen to them. And this is very sad.



"Everyone loves the things she do," won me.
That thick voice of this human being... Oh my God! I had never heard anything from JBJ, and I found this song very nice, I kept repeating it in my playlist several times.



"Don't touch me I'm sensitive!" That's what I felt after hearing that. The song is totally addictive, Block B again showed the various faces that this group has. I hope people know more about them instead of just Zico. I have to admit that the MV concept reminded me a bit Last Dance of BigBang, but it was not plagiarism, just inspiration.

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This is art



If you have not gotten addicted to this song at first, you have some problem friend! INFINITE finally remembered that he has to pay the bills, and decided to give a comeback, and of course, I am totally addicted. Please don't be the only one of the year!



If you don't know this group, I invite you to meet... Actually, I beg you! Please, love them! They are even more funny and charismatic in this MV. This is a continuation, but you don't necessarily have to listen to the first part, but if you want to... Please.



You probably already have heard about Holland, the first openly gay idol. This is not a comeback, but a debut. The aesthetic of the clip is incredible (and please do not say it looks like something Troye Sivan produced)

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the whole story and the novel is wonderful.

The music is good, but I found his voice a bit "raw" on top of the song, the arrangement and voice junction need to be reviewed for the next release. But apart from that, I was very surprised, it's very good for a debut.



The first time I heard her, I could not get excited, I could not even smile. Because I knew this was not a comeback... It was goodbye. The second time I heard, I tried my best to be unbiased, and listen like a non-fan. The third time, I realized that it was not a goodbye, as I had previously thought, but a gift, that kind of gift that only you think of him you are already happy.

Jonghyun, SHINee, and kpop image
Thank you Jonghyun, you were amazing as always.



Red Velvet surprised me a lot since his debut, only bringing catchy and good music, I loved everything they released. But unfortunately I was disappointed with this comeback. It was the weakest job of all time. The MV, of course, was incredibly beautiful, probably a fortune... But the music and the MV, don't fit at all, I can't understand how it was released, I could watch the entire MV without the music, which would be much better. I hope their next comeback, whether with something better than that, and I can quickly forget about that slipping they gave



Aesthetics, aesthetics, aesthetics. Jay Park is one of my favorite singers these days, his voice is unique. And he did not disappoint me. Came back with this wonderful MV, and this incredible red aesthetic. The choreography is great. And he, perfect, as always.



The music is very addictive, and the MV is beautiful. Thank you YG for remembering that you have groups and make they comebacks. iKON is much better in this MV than in previous ones, more music and less noise.



Jay Park and Dean the same month, how can I handle it? Dean came back showing that he is an incredible musician. The letter has a meaning so deep and full of meanings.

"I know that it's a waste of time, but I can not help myself. Everyone knows that social media is a waste of time, but there's so much information on social media too. waste of time, but at the same time I'm afraid of missing all the information. started to know too much about things and that's making me more stressed out. I often think how it might have been better off not knowing about it. So, I continue to be social media although I know it's wasteful of time and it's pretty much a cycle of those feelings."
— Dean, in an interview.

The best of that month TO ME. I hope my opinion has not hurt anyone's feelings. I plan to do this every month, I hope the groups will release good things for me to comment on. If you liked it, please liked it, and if you didn't... thanks for reading, this is already very rewarding.

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