When I have something stressful coming up, I like to take to the whole day to prepare if possible, and sometimes even the night before. This is helpful for reducing nerves before big events like performances, speeches, job interviews, dates, etc.

Get ready early

If I don't have a lot of time the day of the event, I prepare the night before by making a detailed schedule for the next day so I don't waste time and get stressed out.

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It's important to get ready early so you can relax and do nothing before the big event!

The first thing to do before the big day is ...

get a good night's sleep!

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For me, I feel best when I get 9 hours of sleep. If you have to go to sleep early, I recommend you get in bed early, spend some time reading or browsing on your phone, and then 30 min. off your phone/computer to fall asleep easier. Or you can go to sleep later, and sleep in later (this is what I prefer!)

Next, it's important to

eat right and treat your body right

It's good to drink half a liter of water first thing in the morning. This kick starts your day and will help you to drink more water the whole day!

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I personally like to skip breakfast and eat a hearty lunch. I know it's bad to skip breakfast, but lunch is my absolute favorite! I eat something delicious for lunch if I have an important event in the evening because then I can eat a small dinner or just have a snack so I don't feel heavy, but I'll still have energy from earlier. That way, I won't feel heavy and bloated, gross, tired, and not confident. Which is not how you want to feel when you have something important going on!

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Take a long time to get ready

Really taking the time to pamper yourself and not rush is so relaxing. Getting ready quickly can make you feel stressed out. It;s much better to take your time. I like to take a very hot shower and then moisturize/do makeup and get dressed while listening to music or with Netflix playing in the background.

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If I'm going to use a lot of energy later, I like to be a little lazy earlier in the day. I take my time and move slowly.

Spend time alone

This lets me focus my thoughts. When I'm stressed, if I have to focus on being around other people or talking to other people it just makes it worse. I like to text my friends, but hanging out is too much.

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Netflix is relaxing because it distracts you a little bit so you don't have a stress freak out, but isn't as big of a distraction as hanging out with people, which can also make you stressed.

I make a list

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I write out everything I have to do, things I need to pack, snacks I need, and do everything one by one. Crossing out each task makes me feel like I have accomplished something and takes my mind off the stress.

Thanks for reading!! I hope my tips were useful :)