the weatherman
has an important job
he tells us when it's going to rain
or storm
or snow
so we can be prepared

i wish we all had our own personal weathermen
so they could tell us when we
were going to rain
or storm
or snow

instead we wait patiently
waiting for a storm to happen
and then waiting for it to pass

you see
the sky can never look the exact same
probably in the four point six billion years
the earth has been around
the sky has never looked the same

it can be partly cloudy
but no cloud will ever be the same shape
in the same place
not in the same day
not even the same hour

it is always changing
always moving
that is what we must keep doing

everyday we will not be the same person
with the same emotions
with the same look on our faces

but we will still be the same sky
we will continue to keep changing colors
no matter what weather

one day you could be stormy
they run inside covering their heads
from your pouring rain
your thunderclaps
your flashes of lightning
but don't worry
those people, they don't despise you
they know that soon, this storm shall pass
and you will go back to being the same sunny sky you always are
the same you
many are hoping for a rainbow
after the storm to bring them joy
they are filled with hope
not hate
i promise
they know you will be the same you
you always are

one day you are be the night sky
covered in stars
and the moon is shining bright
people look up to you
while they lie on a picnic blanket
in a field side by side
pointing out your constellations
your planets

they know you so well
they relate to you personally
inside of you, there is a place for all of them in your big heart
they teach each other who you are
what you're made of
they tell each other you are full of wisdom and beauty

one day you are a sunrise
they get up really early just to get a glimpse of you
they sit on their roofs drinking coffee
heads resting on each others' shoulders
little smiles
little sighs of warmth
you take their breath away

today you are sunny
they wear sunglasses
so that your radiant light doesn't burn their eyes
you are too beautiful
for them to even stand
they go outside and play beneath your beauty
you keep them warm
you keep them content
without you, people wouldn't be happy
this day
you light up all of your surroundings
there are smiles and laughter
and not a cloud to be seen

so no matter what
mother nature
brings to you
any emotion
even if you're not expecting it
be grateful for it
not guilty
in the end
it makes you who you are
and that is enough
for me
and for the whole world.