Just – what are you trying to say?
You say one thing, but mean something else –
You think of something, but say something else.
What are you trying to say?

Believe me or not, I’m trying to understand you –
But, you’re sending me mixed signals – don’t know why.
You like me? You think I like you? You think we like one-another?
What are you trying to say?

Do you even like me? I know you do…
Just – to what extent? How do you see me?
Do you think I like you?
How do you think I see you?
Do you think we like one-another?
To what degree do you think that’s true?

Lastly… am I even making any sense?
If not, it’s because you ain’t.
I do not know what you’re trying to say –
Thence, every time I say something,
I keep wondering if it’s appropriate.

Just – for once in your life –
What are you trying to say?

Then again, maybe you're just as confused as I am.

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