Hi babes. I'm in love with flowers so I really wanted to do one of these.


rose, flowers, and red image flowers, red, and rose image flowers, rose, and pink image flowers image

Roses smell amazing. Anything rose scented is my shit.


bouquet, girasol, and ramo image portrait image

These flowers are so bright and beautiful.


flowers and white image bouquet, flower, and hydrangea image floral, hydrangeas, and flowers image flower, pink, and garden image

I really like the shape of these. They're so nice???


flowers, pink, and beautiful image flowers, white, and pink image

These look so flully. Almost like tissue paper and it mesmerizes me idk.


flowers, pink, and rose image flowers, pink, and carnation image

I feel like these really brighten up a room.


flowers and pink image flowers, orange, and bouquet image

These are just so flowy like they look so pretty.

Cherry Blossom

blossom, cherry, and cherryblossom image cherry blossoms image sakura and 桜 image flower, pink, and 花 image

I love the colors of these. They're so beautiful and all the cherry blossom scents smell really good, i dont know if they actually smell like that though.


decoration, exotic, and flowers image Image by Foni Velkou

These flowers are really unique. I honestly don't know how I feel about them. They're like the sorta pretty ugly duckling but they're growing on me.

Thanks for reading babes, have a great day.