Hello beautiful readers ❣

This is the first time I write an article here. I've been wanting to do it for a long time, but I couldn't find a topic. Now, I've made up my mind and I'll write about something that really concerns me and I bet a lot of you: anxiety.

First things first, I must say that if you feel like you might have anxiety, if you have panick attacks or anything similar, you must see a doctor. He will diagnose you and recommend you a treatment. And if you have the opportunity, it might be good to see a psychologist too.

I'm saying this because every case is different. But, as a teenager suffering from anxiety, I can make a list of the things that help me overcome it everyday.

(1) breathe. Proper breathing is essensial to calm yourself down. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by everything you have to study, your "to do" list, etc, just take a deep breathe, hold it and exale with your mouth. As you do it, think that everything will be fine and you can handle it.

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(2) try to focus on the present. Sometimes we get stressed about our "to do" list. It happens to everyone, but it's harder to control in anxious people. I know it's not easy, but try to think about what you're doing now and what you have in your life. Are you trying to study? perfect, focus on what you have to study right now, not how long it'll take. Are you having lunch with a friend? ok, try to have a nice chat and not to worry about your work later.

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(3) ask for help. When everything seems wrong, try to talk to someone you love. Asking for support is healthy, sometimes we can't fight that awful thoughts on our own. And, as I said earlier, consulting a doctor, a psychologist, a professional in the issue is the best option.

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(4) THINK: what's the worst thing that can happen?. We tend to overanalyze everything and to make a big deal of things that may not be that serious. Here's what really helps me out: whenever I feel like that, I just think what's the worst thing that can happen? it truuuly helps me. What's the worst thing that can heppen if you fail an exam? that, failing a single exam. Don't think you'll never graduate because of that. You lost money? You burnt the food you were cooking? okay, that's all. Don't make a big deal of it.

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Last but not least, (5) DON'T de ashamed. Having an mental disorder is nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes people don't realize that it's a difficult disease to face like any other. It takes time to finally accept and tell it, but it is possible.

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So, these are my tips. I hope they're useful for y'all. Always remember, having a mental illness is not a choice, but facing it, it is. You're not alone and you can do this.