How short is life, really? I mean, does it really feel like 22 days have gone by in 2018? We wish time away during the week when we're at work so that we can "enjoy" the weekend. Living life just to enjoy the week end. Isn't that backwards? How can we go and enjoy all seven days?

Maybe we should re-evaluate whether we actually like our jobs. If you're in school, then maybe you can take a look at doing some fun extra curricular activities. I recently signed up for a couple of new projects that I can't share yet as they aren't finalized - but hopefully soon.

Life is too short to not do what you actually want to do. You want to model? Do it. You want to try and grow on YouTube? Do it. You want a job at a Fortune 500 company? Do it. It's all easy if you set your find to it and believe you already...

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