this is something i wrote based on personal experiences,you can give it the meaning you want to...

Spotlight >> Golden Girl

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You are gonna let them fight for a picture,
you are gonna let the flashes follow me
while i'm out of my confort zone,
and i can't say fuck them...
'cause i have to force a laugh,
i have to fake a smile.
I'm your golden girl,
i'm your cover girl,
i'm your little doll
(the one you always like to play with)
and you can show me like an award.
Good girls don't get,
this is not who i am
not who i want to be.
I didn't get to read it,
you got me completely blind,
kind of free
but trapped really tied in your arms.
Let me free,
get me out of the spotlight.

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"Love is something we should accept and celebrate,not something we should encage or hide."