I spend a lot of my free time listening to music & because of this have discovered so many gems that are totally underrated. Though I love many of the songs that are mainstream, some of my favorites are ones that aren't as well-known or haven't gained as much recognition. So, below are thirteen of my favorite, underrated songs. Hope you all enjoy! ❤︎

1. Whatchu Mean (feat. Aha Gazelle) by Lecrae

fashion, beauty, and hair image adidas, Logo, and b&w image

2. Counterfeit by Jordan Fisher

water, grunge, and blue image fashion, girl, and necklace image

3. Make You Mad by Fifth Harmony

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4. Shame by Hearts & Colors

emily ratajkowski, fashion, and emrata image Image by angella✨

5. Come Thru by gianni & kyle

beach, beautiful, and beauty image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

6. Sundown (feat. Wizkid) by Zara Larsson

fashion, dress, and style image coat, fur, and girl image

7. Technically Single by Tayler Buono

fashion, art, and style image makeup, pink, and beauty image

8. Touch Me by Starley

fashion, girl, and hair image quotes, believe, and words image

9. Such a Boy by Astrid S

daylight, pale, and pastel image outfit, style, and tumblr image

10. TG4M by Zara Larsson

lovely, rhuanny pereira, and photography image dark, black, and gold image

11. Touch by Pia Mia

girl, beauty, and smile image clean, tumblr, and white image

12. In the Dark by Camila Cabello

Image removed couple, cindy kimberly, and neels visser image

13. My Favorite Part (feat. Ariana Grande) by Mac Miller

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