Hi everybody!

This is my first article here, so I wanted to show some parts of me. Yeah, I’m like the moon, made of phases.

I’m the stubborn nights and the fresh air of the morning

I’m the double rainbow and the totally darkness

I’m the ampathy and The overjoyed

I love 90s movies just like their clothes, I love indie musics just like I love the pop world. My favorite pinter is Van Gogh and my favorite band is Paramore, I’m married with Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles (yeah, they both) I’m bi (I’m a boy), I love to read poems and I have done a few but I didn’t post, I live in Brazil and I love to travel and to read a good book, watch a dramatic Tv show or movie.

I kissed exactly 0 people in my whole life until now and in the same time on my mind I have already kissed so many guys that I can’t even count.

Do not get surprise if someday I post a article about how I love dogs and in the next I show why taking a dog as your child can be a baaaad decision (maybe I have bipolarity, maybe yes, maybe no, who knows?)

I love sooo much to write and I have sooo many ideas, but I have a huge problem that I can’t organize all my thoughts, so please don’t get mad w me if I get late in post a new article or something like this


I have a heart too big for my body, I hope you’all can handle it

Bye for now xx,