Hello Again!

Just working on science fair...that's why this wasn't posted several days ago... Also rocking out to Hamilton!! Also three articles are going to be posted today.

This isn't going to be split up in specific categories, just bullet points with pictures sprinkled in.

  • Wear shoes! That's right, wear shoes! It'll help your brain think, "Ok, they're wearing shoes, gotta stay awake," or some jazz like that.
  • Chew gum! You've probably been told this a bajillion times, but that's because it really helps. It helps you focus! Yay for focus!
  • Study in intervals. Don't force yourself to work! I prefer ten minutes of work, five minutes of break.
study, school, and pink image
If my study area looked like this, I would live there! But just not study.
  • Music! I enjoy listening to music while working, but I find it distracting to listen to music with lyrics. I listen to some chill music, like the Coffee Shop Electronic Playlist.
  • Spread out your work. If you have a test or due date, use a planner or just sticky notes on a corkboard (if you're like me), and write down what you are going to complete or study each day. Make sure it's somewhere you look at frequently!
day, february, and heart image
I honestly do not use a planner except for planning my articles here on WHI.
  • Work on the hardest stuff first. Just get it out of the way. Everything else will be a breeze and you can enjoy your other projects without the looming math homework or identifying parts of an animal cell or whatever.
  • Have water and food by your side. If you often get up to get something to drink or eat, just grab it first and keep it by your side so you can focus. And make sure it's healthy!
fruit, food, and healthy image
Yuuuuuum. I wish!

That is all for today's article! Also look out for the two I'll be posting today as well.


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