Here is some of my favorite animes. I love these with all my heart. Also if anyone is looking for some new ones to watch I hope this helps. I'll list how many seasons and episodes there are. Enjoy!

fairy tail, guild, and anime image
1. Fairy Tail: 277 episodes
seven deadly sins and nanatsu no taizai image
2. Seven Deadly Sins: 2 seasons 24 episodes
art, tokyoghoul, and anime image
3. Tokyo Ghoul: 2 seasons 24 episodes
avatar, aang, and avatar the last airbender image
4. Avatar: The Last Airbender: 3 seasons 58 episodes
yuri on ice, yuri plisetsky, and otabek altin image
5. Yuri on Ice: 1 season 12 episodes
Abusive image
6. My Hero Acedemia: 2 seasons 38 episodes
anime, hunk, and keith image
7. Voltron: 4 seasons 37 episodes
Image by Blueілбісін
8. K-Project: 2 seasons 26 episodes
nanbaka, nico, and rock image
9. Nanbaka: 2 seasons 25 episodes
anime and overlord image
10. Overlord: 2 seasons 13 episodes (still on going)
ブラッククローバー image
11. Black Clover: 1 season 15 episodes (still on going)
devilman crybaby, akira, and ryo image
12. Devilman crybaby: 1 season 10 episodes
anime and ouran host club image
13. Ouran High School Host Club: 1 season 26 episodes
owari no seraph, anime, and mika image
14. Owari no Seraph: 2 seasons 36 episodes
sword art online, kirito, and anime image
15. Sword Art Online: 2 seasons 50 episodes
anime, my posts, and mahou tsukai no yome image
16. The Ancient Magus' Bride: 1 season 13 episodes (still on going)
Image by yumiyanyan
17. Guilty Crown: 1 season 22 episodes
soul eater, death the kid, and anime image
18. Soul Eater: 1 season 51 episodes
anime, anime girl, and blake image
19. Rwby: 5 seasons 66 episodes (still on going)
anime and trickster image
20. Trickster: 1 season 14 episodes
anime and diablik lovers image
21. Diabolik Lovers: 2 seasons 24 episodes
Image by Jacqueline Zelaguete
22. Black Butler: 3 seasons 46 episodes
Image by MarryBlack
23. Inu x Boku ss: 1 season 13 episodes