Hi againn! In this article I´ll tell you about How I prepare Coffee I know that there are so many ways to prepare coffee, but I want to tell you How I prepare it with foam, and very delicious! (according to me)

What You need

  • A cup
  • A Spoon
  • Coffee
  • Milk or Water, but I prefer Milk
  • Sugar


First of all add Two Spoonfulls of Coffee in the cup, and Two Spoonfulls of Sugar in the cup, Then, put a Half Spoonfull of Water in the cup (if you think is neccesary to add more you can, because it depends on how much coffee and sugar you add) and shake it with the spoon until you get a light brown cream (The cream shouldn´t be neither liquid nor thick) Add the milk in the cup and put in in the microwave for 01:30 min., After this serve the Milk in the cup and stir.

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And Finish! You´ll geet a Spoamy and Delicious Coffee!