IDK peeps, I have been on We Heart It for 5 years now, mostly anonymous, lurking around the corner, carefully observing😂...
I think it's time I introduce myself to you a bit better so I'm going to expose few facts about myself that I thought of on random.

  • I'm 5'7" tall (1,70m).
  • My zodiac sign is cancer. ♋
  • I’m studying chemistry on Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.
cat, cute cat, and chemistry image
Why did the white bear dissolve in water? Because it's polar. Ah, those chemistry jokes. They're golden.
  • In high school, my favorite subjects were Biology, Chemistry and PE (PE strayed here inexplicably).
  • My favorite color is blue (in every nuance).
blue, aesthetic, and shadow image blue, aesthetic, and hands image
  • My cat's name is Shakira because her hips don't lie.
  • My idol is Lara Croft.
adventurer, gamer, and guns image
Remember those legendary triangular titties?
  • I’m not a big fan of social media so I only maintain Instagram and We Heart It.
  • My favorite actresses are Lily Collins and Alicia Vikander.
Abusive image oscar, alicia vikander, and beautiful image
I mean, look at 'em! What talented babes!
  • I don’t have one fixed favorite music genre; I just listen to whatever I like.
  • My favorite singer is Ruelle and my favorite band is Imagine Dragons.
ruelle and music image imaginedragons, danreynolds, and waynesermon image
Their styles are very unique and that's why I love them so much.
  • I used to train karate and volleyball and I was a majorette (let's just say I go from extreme to extreme 😅). But if I had to choose among these I would choose volleyball.
volleyball image
Whoa, I immediately get pumped up!
  • I’m both lazy and hyperactive at the same time (and it's frustrating).
  • My favorite number is 10.
  • Things I find really attractive in men are hands and neck.
hands and aesthetic image boy, Hot, and model image
  • My eyes change color; usually they are green but they can become turquoise or hazel (it depends on lighting and part of the day).
eyes, girl, and blue image
  • My favorite book is Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones.💕
books, howl's moving castle, and reading image
  • My favorite Disney movies are Big Hero 6 and Coco (yes, I like heart-wrecking movies, I'm a masochist).
disney, f, and gif image
coco, dia de muertos, and disney image
  • I’m a total clean-freak and I can't stand dirt.
  • I’m not a clubbing type; I prefer private parties at friends’ houses.
  • I like to make desserts, cakes, cookies, anything sweet.
cupcake, sweet, and dessert image
  • I don’t like eating meat much. I prefer vegetables over meat although I’m not a vegetarian or vegan.
  • My phone gallery is full of photos of other people, places, my cat etc (and memes😈) rather than my selfies (I don’t like to take photos of myself).
  • A habit I can’t get rid off is constantly cracking my knuckles.
break, crack, and finger image
A story of my life, bruh...
  • I enjoy watching anime. My favorite anime series is Haikyuu!! (Kageyama Tobio is bae) and favorite anime movie is Kimi no Na wa. (I'm not going to mention anime that made me sob, we're not going to enter there...)
anime, sport, and volleyball image anime, movie, and kimi no na wa image
  • I would like to be a voice actor in a video game or anime series.
  • When I have a sore throat, I get a very deep voice and friends say I sound like Batman.
  • A song that is currently on shuffle on my phone is Ko Ko Bop by EXO (Chanyeol is bae 😍).
exo, kokobop, and sehun image
  • I have an obsession with books, wrist watches and coffee mugs.
  • I’m addicted to coffee (the blacker the better).
coffee, gif, and morning image
  • The most beautiful city in the world to me is Prague.
city, history, and old image aesthetic, aesthetics, and black image clock, prague, and art image city, czech, and film image
  • I adore riding on roller-coasters (and I enjoy amusement parks in general).
gif, Roller Coaster, and sky image
  • I wish I was born either Asian (since they’re all petite and cute and they don’t have to shave sigh) or as tall, beautiful, blonde Swedish girl/boy (thank you nature and genes!).
  • My celebrity crush is Aaron Taylor Johnson.
aaron johnson, Hot, and boy image
Ahh, yes...

And that's it guys! I hope this was somewhat entertaining and that after reading this you won't write me off as a loony.
P.S. I'm sorry if there are any grammar mistakes; after hours of studying I can't even write my name properly.

You can follow me, I don't bite. 😇