In the following article I’m going to be listing all the books that I read in January and the Goodreads rating that I gave them

1.The Fear- 5/5 (I read the first two books of The Enemy series at the end of December)

apocalypse image
I also cried so much at this book, I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much in my life.

2. Waiting for call back take two- 4/5

book, photography, and vintage image book, clouds, and plane image

3. The Sun is Also a Star- 5/5

Image by Anita book and the sun is also a star image

4. The Sacrifice- 5/5

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It’s the fourth book in The Enemy series

5. The Fallen- 5/5

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It’s the fifth book in The Enemy series

6. The Hunted- 5/5

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The sixth book in The Enemy series

7. The Enemy: Geeks Vs Zombies- 4/5

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8. The End- 5/5

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It’s the last book in The Enemy series and I nearly cried because I didn’t want to ever finish the series.