Proud scars tell a story,
They always see me through.
They always make me happier
and show my colours true.

They've made me sorrow and shy away,
They made me feel blue,
but now with pride I show my scars
and giggle with them too.

My scars I find define me,
They recognise me too
For there are no other scars like mine
to be found or caught on you.

--- Don't let your scars drag you down guys they're stories of where you've been, who you've met and what you've overcome. I used to hate every scar on my body and i'd hide every one of them, from the scars on my legs from being a kid to the scars hidden upon my wrists. They just prove you're worth the life you're living because you guys are still here and you've overcome nightmares of life. Stay strong you guys i love you all <3 ---