Hi loves ! I'm here for a new article in which (as you read in the title) I'm going to list all the things I do to be motivated when I wake up in the morning ! Enjoy ♥

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The first thing I like is making lists. I make list for literally everything like a shopping list (in which I write everything I want to purchase), I also have a list of my 2018 goals, and I sometimes even make a list of all the things I want to do the next day even if I stay home all day. Especially if there is stuff you been wanting to do for a while but you didn't have the time to do them before, it's the perfect time to get these things done. I think it is a good thing to do to remind you of what you have to do or want to do and so you'll do it !

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The second thing I like doing when I don't have anything planned for the day, instead of staying in bed all day watching series (even tho I also love doing this), is to put on a cute outfit and a little bit of makeup so you won't want to just stay in bed and to nothing. I definitely don't do that every day cause I'm lazy but when I do it, it really makes me want to do something so I won't have done my makeup or dress up for nothing !

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Third thing is pretty basic but is definitely a good thing to do to start the day, it's to make breakfast ! Instead of directly checking your phone and social medias when you wake up, get out of bed and cook a good breakfast, even if it's only cereals and orange juice (basically what I do everyday), then you'll have the time to check your phone while eating your delicious breakfast !

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The next one is even more basic (sorry) : MUSIC. What I like to do is put on music when I wake up, you can even sing along and dance and I can assure you it will put you in a good mood instantly ! Another good way to start a good day :)

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Last thing, do what makes you happy ! And that's probably what work the best :)

Alright ! That's all for this article, I really hope you liked it. If you haven't read my other articles yet, go check them out and subscribe to see the next ones ! Love xx