Hello and welcome back, or if you are new then welcome. This is gonna be a challenge, which you probably already knew. I got the inspiration from the user Miris_Sr. Hope you enjoy and leave a like, and I would also love a follow <3

1. Sun or Moon:

moon, blood moon, and night image Image by supernatural

2. Stars or Clouds:

beach, sky, and photography image sky, nature, and mountains image clouds, gray, and nature image Image by Diana_872014

3. Sea or Sky:

summer, beach, and sea image sky, night, and stars image beach, sunset, and summer image sky, nature, and mountains image
Both, Can't chooseee

4. Puzzles or Board Games:

games, love, and rosy blog image board game, finland, and play image

5. Sunrise or Sunset:

sky, view, and sunset image nature, sunset, and sky image aesthetic, beautiful, and clouds image orange, sky, and pink image

6. Early Morning or Late Night:

light, city, and travel image Image by ♛Princess♛

7. Skateboard or Bike:

board, girl, and lifestyle image girl, hair, and style image

8. Ocean or Waterfall:

explore, rainbows, and traveling image aesthetic, indie, and nature image

9. Sunny or Rainy:

city, rain, and travel image book, coffee, and rain image

10. Autumn or Winter:

Image by jasmina Halloween, fall, and autumn image autumn, fall, and nature image nature, forest, and mountains image

11. Spring or Summer:

flowers, background, and landscape image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

12. Movies or Books:

movie, bed, and room image friends, movie, and hippie image

13. Sweet or Sour:

candy, food, and sweet image blue, purple, and sweets image food, photography, and candy image coloured, colours, and food image

14. Dogs or Cats:

dog, cute, and animal image dog, cute, and animal image dog, cute, and animal image dog, animal, and cute image dog, animal, and puppy image adorable, animals, and cute image

15. Denim or Leather:

fashion, skirt, and outfit image fashion, jeans, and style image denim, girl, and tattoo image fashion, converse, and grunge image

16. Candles or Fairy Lights:

candle, shop, and yankee image fairy lights, lights, and music image

17. Theme Park or Water Park:

fun and light image amusement park, sweden, and gröna lund image boy, fuji, and lund image extreme, heart, and patrick image
This is a theme park in sweden that I have worked at, It was amazing

18. Black or White:

fashion, black, and style image outfit, style, and clothes image fashion, style, and black image beautiful, black, and boots image

19. Love or Money:

couple, grunge, and kiss image couple, love, and goals image Image by Emilia Image by Mary"M

20. Tattoos or Piercings:

tattoo, flowers, and art image tattoo, rose, and flowers image Image by Mili Image by Amrita Jheeta

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. This will probably be part one so look out for a part 2 soon. <33