This article is a description and a run-down with cool facts about Psychics and Mediums.
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The difference:

Most people think that a psychic is also a medium or vice versa. However, these two terms are totally different from one another.

Psychics cannot become Mediums unless you are very very very spiritually gifted, but Mediums can become Psychics.

Also, Psychics can advertise their abilities while Mediums cannot. If they do, they will lose their ability.

What they are capable of:

Psychics can:
-Foretell futures (most of the time)
-Provide insights on relationships, career, money, health, or love
-Determine your goals
-Give people the hints or tools to achieve their dreams
-Read auras and Tarot/Oracle cards
(I myself am a psychic and do not use any "tricks" or scam people. I have not yet told a bunch of people but if you find the right one, they are real!)

Mediums can:
-Hear & communicate with passed over loved ones (practically any spirit being)
-Transfer & receive messages from passed over spirit beings
-Can see spirits (by sparkles and random black or white dots appearing)

What they aren't capable of:

-Directly communicating with the deceased / spirits
-Cannot contact spirits, but directly interacts with the sitter
-Can't give or receive messages from spiritual / otherworldly beings

-Advertise themselves
-Read auras
-Recieve information on an individual person about their future through different spiritual channeling

How they do it:

If you are not born with the gift, it would be very hard or impossible to summon any kind of psychic/medium ability. Have you ever wondered how psychics/mediums see things? Or how it is possible to “know” something about a total stranger? Or if psychic/medium ability is even real?

Here's how the legitimate Psychic / Medium does it;


Psychic ability is like a muscle; it gets stronger and more nuanced the more you use it.
For example, if you ask a question about a career change, your adviser may get a picture in their mind that shows you doing a certain type of work and also an emotion that accompanies the vision. Or, they may hear the words, “It’s not the right time to make a change” and see a symbol of why that is the case.
It automatically pops in their head once they summon the right kind of spiritual channel. They summon this through meditation before a reading, or reaching out with their mind through their angles.


Very similar to Psychics, they have to get ready or prepped through meditation. Very opposite from psychics, they reach out through a whole different spiritual channel that psychics cannot reach. (Which doesn't make psychics inferior.)
Mediums can mentally talk through a telepathic channel to their own loved ones or angels, and yours or any of their clients'.

These both take time to grow and accelerate through meditation and open mindedness.

How to spot a fake Psychic / Medium:

-If they charge cash only
-If they are negative or extreme
-If they stutter or repeat things
-If they give you a weird vibe

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