Here comes my ABC Tag
A- Age


B- Best movie

Mamma Mia

C- Current time

Berlin, 18:50 am

D- Drink I last had

Peach Tea

E- Everyday starts with

making ready for school

F- Favourite song

100 Times Over - Cassia

G- Grossest memory

oh god i really have a lot of big memories, but i think i would say the grossest memory was when I met my boyfriend for the first time at the International Gymnastics Festival in Olympic Stadium in Berlin

H- Height

1,63 m

I- In love with

my boyfriend Nick

J- Jealous

sometimes… but that depends on the situation

K- Killed someone?

yes of corse :D #joke

L- Last time you cried?

yesterday, it didn’t was my day, i didn’t pass the test for my driving license

M- Middle name

i don’t have any

N- Number of siblings?


O- One wish?

be happy all the time in my life

P- Person you last called or texted?

Called- best friend
Texted- boyfriend

Q- Questions I'm always asked?

where did you get that?

what do you want to eat today?

R- Reasons to smile?





S- Song you last sang?

Feel it still

T- Time I woke up?

6 o'clock

U- Underwear colour

rosa and grey

V- Vacation place(s)

Sweden, Barcelona, Germany Baltic Sea

W- Worst habit

my nails/ fingers

X- X-rays I've had


Y- Your favourite food?

noodles, pizza, chines food

Z- Zodiac Sign

I'm a Scorpio