Fresh rose petals in hot water made me feel great.
I forgot about my problems and relaxed. Dim light from the candles was so hypnotising.

bath, bathtube, and flowery image

I thought I was dreaming. Here he comes. He walked in and looked at me. I smiled.
But he didn't. He smirked. That was weird. His face wasn't like this before. It was completely another person, someone I don't know, someone I've never met before.
I hesitated. I tried to cover my body with foaming bath. He laughed.

black and white, jawline, and male image

I got scared. I had no clue what to expect.
He came closer and blew out the candles. I was blinded by the darkness of the night forever. I felt his hands on my neck. He was chocking me.

That was the end. Why he did it? I have no clue.
Maybe because real love does not exist. We all exaggerate it. We think it is around us. But we simply can't touch it, because it does not exist.

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