black ink and grey mist
blank pages and childhood memories
crystals and old clocks
ashes and cologne
lightning and dusty footprints
dried tears and torn up love notes
old asylums and british royalty
ballet and abandoned buildings
gentle storms and jazz music
puddles of water and ripped jeans
frosted windows and blood stains
old novels and iced tea
gunpowder and daisies
rose petals and broken glass
tall grass and cemeteries
rain clouds and unfamiliar street corners
creaking floors and the smell of rotting meat
a hidden attic and a family secret
long forgotten basements and mysterious trapdoors
an old painting and a set of paw prints
gravel roads and the sand between your toes
a small garden and pixie dust
paintbrushes and ancient spells
hot chocolate and fresh snowflakes
warm blankets and the purring of a kitty
love letters and a treasure chest
birdhouses and wildflowers
lonely diners and old friends
fairytales and twisted plots
thallium and license plate numbers