helou my friends!

woah, its been a loooooong month.
first of all, i wanted to thank all of you who has been reading my articles and actually texting me and showing your love and support, like what the heck?? for whole life i have always been that girl who always wanted to do something, something worth creating to help people, to make them feel warm and good and i always tried to make people happy by noting how good they are at writing, and how smart they are and how skilled they are and this month god blessed karma hit me so hard lol, and i got couple of messages of people totally unknown to me telling me to ''keep writing'' and i almost drown in my own puddle of tears lol

one of my main goals in february is to make YOU more fulfilled and happy and warm, at least, i'll try. i want to start new project here and well, let's see how it goes!

also, i want to have a schedule, so i might post three times a week, woo!

my plans for this month is pretty stressing, i have to have couple doctor appointments which i worry a little too much, so i hope it goes well!

i wish you an amazing 28days ahead, stay productive, nice and hydrated kids!