Hi guys!!!
I want talk about me a little bit, in this article i want the best show I've see. I have a very important rule to know if it can be of my favorites, is required cry at least once. That means that you are excited. Now you will see series of all classes, I will tell you a little about their history and because I loved them.

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1.American Horror Story.

U need see this f*****ng show. Awesome is the word. A series that presents different stories in each season. My favorite seasons are the first "MURDER HOUSE" and "COVEN", the truth is that I have a ranking. Horror stories with an addictive plot. If you are afraid, you can not see it alone. (Netflix)

skins, sid, and tony image skin, sad, and Effy image Freddie, luke pasqualino, and skins image gif image

This could be considered history of the series, this is the best if you are a teenager even, it makes you reflect with its unexpected endings. Season 1 and 2 are a generation, and season 3 and 4 (for me the best this generation). Drugs and alcohol with young people experience. The plots will make you laugh as much as cry. (Netflix)

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3.Big little lies.

If you love unexpected endings as much as I do, you should see it. Tell the stories of three mothers and a murder that is not resolved until the end. It intrigues you to the end, and it takes a big turn. Original story with award-winning protagonists. (HBO)

herman tommeraas skam image skam and noora image icon, icons, and noora image Image by 이자벨

Love stories history every season. Is a Norway Series, that's why it's only subtitled.But I do not like the first story very much, Thomas n Eva. The stories are beautiful, and there is not only love, it is very similar to skins. (I don't know)

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5. Hello my twenties.

It is a very interesting Korean drama the first season, also for me it is interesting to see different types of life and it is funny how it talks about topics that for Asians are tube. (Netflix)

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6.Stranger Things.

You have to see this series, it is very original and it has you hooked on the sofa all the time. It also has a love story, almost everyone has seen it, it has many awards and if you are a fan of E.T you should see it. (Netflix)

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7.Breaking Bad.

Awesome serie, please watch it. (Netflix)

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I know, it seems like a serial thing but it's one of the most addictive I've seen or I can assure you. It is an impossible love, it is a bit strange at first because also he is very macho for Japanese culture ... But good to me I hook and recommend. (Netflix)

Please tell if you like someone!!