" A strong woman looks a challenge dead in the eye and gives it a wink !"
-Gina Carey

Sooo with that quote I want to start this article because I feel like it summaries the main message I want to give today pretty good.
We often are afraid of challenges because we think we won't be able to do them or we think that we are not ambitious, strong enough but can't a challenge maybe be the thing that changes our life and our point of view on somethings. Losing weight, living a healthy lifestyle, starting a new hobby, learning something new can all be challenges for us but the important thing is that we constantly remind ourselves why we are doing this for example to feel better, be happier or just show the world that we can do it. Maybe you don't know it yet but I know that you and I we can both do it because we are strong and ambitious enough. Even If we sometimes feel like we are giving up just hold on a second and ask yourself if that is what you actually want and I'm pretty sure the answer is usually going to be: " No I don't want to give up I want to reach my goals." So just focus on your goals. You don't have to wait till a new week or month starts just start tomorrow. I mean everyday is a new start, right? That is why you should just set your goals for example I want to get fitter and start. We can start together right now or tomorrow? But it also is important that you start whenever you feel ready. I believe in you and I know that you can reach your goals. I am right because I believe in the power of girls. Soooo let's rock it.
Thank you for reading this article.