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Hi, it's February the first 2018 you're 16 years old, your sisters 12 and your brothers 6 and you live with your mom. Wow, how's life? Hows Millie? Or do you not talk to her anymore...
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Right now I hope that my future is bright and happy, I hope you've finally found a boyfriend (that's so weird to think about) and you're happy together, if not GET OUT, you don't need toxic people.
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How did the exams go? I hope I got into my college because I have no back up plan, did you revise? I hope so. I've just got my mock exam results back and I'm quiet happy with them if I improve on this will definitely get into college.
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Is your music taste the same? Right now you're waiting the go to The Vaccines concert (how was it?) and begging mom to take you to a festivel.
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Has your style changes? Are you still rocking graphic tees and black jeans? Because thats all you wear right now (and came trousers to seem "alternative")
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How's your friendship group? Do you have constant arguments with Millie or are you with another squad? Right now you have a very small amount of people who don't annoy you by just speaking. I hope you've either tightened your friendship group or you've got out of there.
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Are you still funny? Are you still taking the mick out of random things you do or have you change? I hope not. That's the one thing I like about myself.
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Are you fully happy with yourself? I hope you're happy with yourself physically and emotionally because right now you're going through a ruff patch where all you buy is health stuff but nothing changes.
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Are you financially stable? I know it sounds weird but right now house prices are going up and you're gonna have to pay for university.

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