"when and how do you know that you're in love?"

i've always hated that question. people say that when you're in love, you don't know why. you don't say that it's because of his tousled brown hair or his pretty brown eyes or his prince charming smile. or it was when he was driving you home as oasis played in the background and the city lights were guiding your way and suddenly everything felt infinite.

but then there was me. there was us. he was singing along to the 80's song on the radio and i could see him through the rear-view mirror and as the night passed between us, there was nothing else i could do but to keep looking at his reflection through the glass. and i didn't even think about questioning whether i was in love with him or not because i already knew. and the thought of me knowing without remembering why and how it all started terrified me enough that i could feel my heart beating loudly in my chest like i've just ran a marathon and the butterflies in my stomach.

i've always hated that question because you're not supposed to know when you fell or how or why. the beauty of it all is when he's singing a melody only you can hear and the lyrics touch you hard enough that suddenly everything in your life takes a sharp turn and there you are...

realizing you're already in the middle of a beautiful thing.

-d.m. 08/29/15