Hey my loves! How you doin'? (Read it with Joey's voice)
As you can read in the title, I want to go to college. More than anything, I want this new phase of my life to start.

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I got accepted in the university that I love, so I'm really proud of myself:)
I am going to study to be a lawyer if you are wondering.

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Why a lawyer?
Well, I hate injustice. I want to be capable to stand in the court and find a solution for a person who is struguling, end corruption, make this world a better place.
I know that was corny or cliché, but it's the true. I won't stop until I get my dream job; work in the ONU.

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I am truly nervous, because I know that college won't be like school, in school I barely studied and I always got the best grades of my class. But now is like... This is not goint to be math or biology class, is different, more difficult.

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Part of me is kinda scared because of that... I always have been the best, I and I want to still being.
So I'm going to study hard, and be the best I can, achieve all the things I want and make myself proud once again.

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I also want to meet new people, make new friends and be more independant that I am now.

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I got 28 days left of vacations until I start my first year in college.
28 years until everything begins.

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Thanks for reading!
Love and peace out!