She didn't like flowers. She was not that kind of girl. She would step on the grass whenever she could, she would look straight to the eyes and she could keep staring for a while without feeling a bit nervous. Some people would say she'd no feelings, that she was born to cope with herself and nobody else.

Then he showed up, with his attractive smile, his good manners and his mysterious way of making everybody feel nervous. He was kindness, joy and sociability. She was just the opposite.

Here we have the girl who didn't like flowers, but ended up in a beautiful garden for him. Live put them together to spend some time, but nobody could ever imagine that that "some time" would turn into eternity.

She doesn't like to step on the grass anymore, she found someone who she couldn't look straight to the eyes, who made she feel nervous. Sometimes we insist on being someone we are not, to fake a role; but then someone shows up in our lives to remind us that we are all vulnerable, we are all more than what we show to the world.