The first month of this 2018 is gone, and now we have to go through a new month, february. Let's make it fantastic !

Here's a few facts about february:

1 ♥ February is one of the most misspelt words in English

2 ♥ The birthstone for February is amethyst

3 ♥ The birth flower is the violet or iris

4 ♥ February is Black History Month in the USA

5 ♥ The astrological signs for February are Aquarius and Pisces

Here are a few positive quotes that you can look at if your day is not going well:

quote and black and white image quotes, calligraphy, and divider image quotes and text image quotes and text image Mature image quotes, smile, and calligraphy image

It's ok to have negative thoughts sometimes, but let's make this month full of beautiful moments. Dance, smile, write something, draw, send that risky text to your crush.
Everything is going to be ok.
And remember, it's aquarius month!
So be as crazy as this sign is. Be creative, be strong, but mostly be yourself.