Hello Hearters!! This is Day 13 of the writing challenge. Today I will talking about what I am most excited about. I am trying to be "out there" as in getting out of my comfort zone and do things I usually wouldn't do. I am not talking about anything crazy but I would like to travel this year. The first and last time I had traveled was when I was 19 years old, I went to California by myself.

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I have been looking into going to Colorado this year!! I never thought about ever visiting Colorado before but I know I will have an amazing time there. I am really excited and cannot wait to be there already! I will be vlogging it for sure on my youtube channel.

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Hopefully this encourages some of you to go out of your comfort zone whenever you have the opportunity to. Many great memories are made that way but if you don't then you at least tried. Sending positive vibes your way, xo elipoise.

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