Yesterday I published my first post about a denim on denim outfit, and asked for 30 likes. To my surprise you guys did it in less than 24h!
Wow 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.

First, thank you. You guys have no idea how much it motivates us, writers, to keep publishing stuff, updating our platforms and trying to bring new, cool, content to you. Mainly for writers who are just starting.

I can only imagine big writers saying:

"Aww, I remember when I would ask for 30 likes".

Haha 😄.

Second, the next denim on denim post will be published this Saturday as promised.


inspiration, college, and flowers image

I started my Tumblr a week ago, didn't post much yet, as before I was focusing on planning how the blog would look like, how it would feel, what kind of content I would publish there, etc.

I think that making and delivering something with heart and effort is very important - also, I'm a perfeccionist, haha. So, head over to my Tumblr at to check how beautiful it is now.


Image by Kristin

I added a disclaimer page explaining more about me and the blog's content. Copy and paste to read the complete thing.

One of the things that I mention there is how not all the pictures are mine, most of them I got from brands and around the web. The ones that are mine will be captioned and tagged as "me" or something like that. Cool?


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I enabled the ask and the chat on Tumblr, so you guys can send requests, suggestions, questions, etc. You're free to do it here too!


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Tumblr and We Heart It are two of the many platforms I use to publish my content, so I'm trying to post different things in each so you won't get bored like:

— Ah, she posts the same thing everywhere!

Don't worry, it won't happen.

I have an Instagram for the blog, a Pinterest and a Twitter, as well. And also something very nice coming soon - can't tell yet.


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Like I said in my disclaimer page, I'm studying a lot lately and trying to keep a balanced life. I am thinking about starting other Tumblrs, but that will take some time as I don't wanna jeopardize anything that I've been working on so far.

What kind of Tumblrs they would be, though?, you ask me.

Well, I have many ideas, some of them I'll try to add together, some others I'll have to split. But soon I'll be updating you about them!


Thank you for reading, I know that update posts aren't always fun. Tomorrow I'll be posting a lot more frequently. See you later, bloomers! ❤