Mercury represents communication, intellectual skill, logical and Cartesian mind. It represents traders, lawyers, messengers.
Its element is the Earth, it is cold and dry. It masters the Virgo and Gemini and is in exaltation in the Virgo. It is in analogy with the arms, the hands, the nervous system. Its average demotion duration is approximately 23 days per year.
The age of Mercury goes from 8 or 10 years to 15 years, Venus taking over at puberty in general

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You react very quickly to the demands of the environment in which you operate. Your mind is constantly on the lookout for new information. Communication is for you a matter of spontaneity, of emotions experienced day by day. Prompt to riposte, lovers of debates, you often show eager for news. The risk is only to let yourself go to an impulsivity ultimately detrimental to your relationships. Beware sometimes of differences of language!

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You must be certain of the validity of what you assimilate. You frequently opt for some caution in your relationships as well as in the integration of knowledge. Nothing should threaten your gains and call into question your certainties. You seek to consolidate your positions, with measure and common sense. Your relational bases are solid, your friendships are long-lasting and your topics of curiosity are patiently explored. No doubt, you will have to learn to sometimes show more flexibility.

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You do not want to be ignorant of the world around you, and no doubt you strive to share the fruits of your observations with those around you. You have the gift and the desire to transmit the acquired knowledge. A great curiosity of spirit motivates your frequent discussions, your exchanges. You prefer to multiply your sources of interest than to lock yourself into an outrageous specialization.
But do not lose sight of the essential: your thirst for knowledge sometimes disperses your faculties. Your openness avoids the pitfalls of cultural discrimination: everything is a priori interesting. Rejecting this or that unknown person would deprive you of many discoveries or enriching findings. Your strength lies in your ability to expand horizon and knowledge.

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Your mental plan and your sensitivity are inseparable. Your behaviors are determined by the moods and emotions experienced in contact with others. You assimilate by the use of emotions and images. To communicate is first to exchange the perception of things, to transmit an emotion. A great sensitivity is desirable to follow you and understand you: hence a certain selectivity on the relationship level.

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You seek to shed light on complex situations, to master them. You express yourself frankly, straightforwardly, at the risk of sometimes hurting your entourage. No doubt because communicating is first and foremost about defining the specific character and specificity of each individual. You want to understand, to define the personality of the other to clarify the relationship. On the human level, you will be sensitive to the balance of power, the power exercised.

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Communication is discreet and subtle. Above all, it is important to understand the limits of one's knowledge and contacts. To assimilate information is good, but for you, putting it in place is better. You are quite perfectionist in the choice and quality of your relationships: everyone must remember their limits.
You have an analytical mind, often critical. Every detail can have its importance, you approach any new situation with a clear concern of control, analyzing the beings and the ambient events. These faculties of observation allow you to apprehend all the data of the problems encountered. The risk is only to embarrass your existence with many futile details.

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Communication is one of your strengths. You assimilate very quickly the characteristics of the environment in which you are. The flexibility you display in your judgments and your relationships gives you the reputation of a sociable person. You strive to reserve your opinions, to thoroughly measure the information before rejecting it or integrating it. You like the nuances, the alternatives. As firm as your positions may be, they will never be fixed and final.

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Your mind is sharp, critical and controversial. You want to question the basics of your knowledge, to perceive the hidden meaning of information, the underlying issues of human relations. Nothing is simple. If you are sometimes cynical or provocative, it is to discover the true nature of those around you. To communicate is understanding the intimate mechanisms of a personality, even if it sometimes pushes the other to its limits. Love or hate, whatever! The key is to never remain indifferent.

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You live in respect of freedom of opinion and expression. Communication begins with open-mindedness. Also, you refuse any sectarianism, any a priori. Your passion and your broad mindedness facilitate relationships. You respect laws and social structures and you are constantly looking to expand your horizons. You show a great permeability to the speech of others, a healthy curiosity sometimes close to indiscretion...

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Your friendships are as solid as stone. What matters most is the depth of your exchanges. The quality of your relationship comes before their number. You assimilate new concepts slowly because you need time to judge, analyze and possibly integrate them. You strive to keep your mind lucid under all circumstances. It is your strength of self-protection to know how to keep your distance, but it is sometimes also a brake on more spontaneous contacts.

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All that is human holds your attention. You are sensitive to what any individual can have specific and original and you feel that you can learn at each new meeting, progress in contact with any person open or curious. It is difficult for you to admit the homebody or conservative beings because each relation can and must evolve over time and to reserve some surprises. On the human level, you are very idealistic, giving confidence and esteem to those who do not necessarily deserve it. Your concepts are original and liberal. The communication goes through consideration, recognition of differences and indulgence. An understanding of others that is nonetheless unconditional because you also know how to detach yourself from disappointing beings whose values are incompatible with yours.

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This is the intuition that connects you to the world. The contacts are made and broken according to your sensitivity. The way you perceive situations is sometimes amazing. You are immersed in the environment in which you find yourself in order to grasp the subtle stakes. So you have the feeling of knowing what you have never learned yet. You assimilate in an often unconscious way and show a very marked receptivity towards allusions, unformulated thoughts. A sixth sense, somehow.

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To be continued: Venus Signs Signification

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