Oh yes! We survived first month of the year, first 31 days are finally over!
I think it was a good start for me but not the best. There are still many things I need to work on. What about you guys?

Highlights of the January:

  • I reduced amount of sweets but I think it's still too much ( i want eat as less as it is possible)
  • I started to drink more water
  • Most inspirative person of the month is Rupi Kaur
  • I made skincare routine and I can tell I saw results after two weeks
  • My favorite song is The Weekend by SZA ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMD63TwzB1o )
  • Favorite quote :
Go where you feel the most alive
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So I think that's all for the January let's welcome the new month full of andventures and opportunities and don't forget to smile more. Everything is easier when you smile! Of course #selflove

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